Space Maintainers

These are designed to maintain the space of early tooth loss with future eruption in mind and each space maintainer is custom fit to your exacting specifications.

We use the following appliances:

  • Band & Loop
  • Single Arm Band and Loop
  • Lingual Arches
  • Unitek Lingual Arch
  • Nance Button
  • Transpalatal Arch


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Functional Appliances

These appliances from Val-U-Dent help develop the dental arches so that all the permanent teeth can erupt, which ensures an outstanding profile.

We carry the top clinically proven designs including:

  • Standard Twin Block
  • McNamara Twin Block
  • Bionator


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Wilson 3D Appliances

At Val-U-Dent, we use the Wilson 3D series of wire systems to enhance the efficiency of our orthodontic fixed appliances. The arch helps assist in controlling the movement of molars/incisors and further aids mandibular treatment.

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Distalizing Appliances

We offer a variety of distalizing appliances to correct malocclusions of the primary molars including the Pendulum, Pendex and “Frog” appliances.

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Expanders are used to assist in the correction of cross-bites, anterior/posterior crowding, and increasing the arch width and length development of a patient. We offer a wide selection of fixed expanders including the Haas, Quad Helix and Super Screw.

Our list of appliances includes:

  • Quad Helix
  • Super Screw Expander
  • NEOL Standard Fixed Expander
  • Haas Expander
  • Compact Screw Expander
  • Memory Expander
  • Arnold Expander
  • Expider Fixed Fan Expansion Appliance


These devices are used to stabilize dentition in the correct position during the period of functional adaptation following corrective treatment. These appliances are also used to maintain the position of teeth and jaws established by orthodontic procedures. We have a vast selection of retainer options including:

  • Acrylic Labial Bow
  • Flat Labial Bow
  • Anterior Bite Plane
  • Posterior Bite Plane
  • Recurve Spring
  • Double Helical Spring
  • Circle Spring
  • Helical Spring
  • Spur
  • Stabilizing Wire
  • Expansion Screw
  • 3 Way Expansion Screw
  • Individual Tooth Movement Screw
  • Micro Screw
  • Retraction Screw


There are many different types of clasps used on removable appliances to give retention. Some of these clasps are more retentive and some are easier to adjust than others, but it all comes down to doctor preference. At Val-U-Dent we stock many styles of clasps in order to best fulfill your needs.


  • Adams Clasp
  • Modified C-Clasp
  • Arrow Clasp
  • Soldered C-Clasp
  • Wraparound
  • C-Clasp
  • Occlusal Rest
  • Ball Clasp
  • Laser Welded Adams Clasp

Digital Night Guards

The Val-U-Dent team uses the latest digital technology to CAD/CAM fabricate our night guards. Comfort, as well as durability, is a priority when it comes to nightguards. Due to our CAD/CAM abilities, we are able to ensure every night guard we offer will fit your patient perfectly, which reduces discomfort and increases the likelihood of them using them daily.

KeySplint™ Clear

Our KeySplint™ Clear night guards are fabricated out of the biocompatible KeySplint™ material from KeyPrint®. This bruxism solution is 3D-printed and ensures exceptional levels of precision for every case. The resin offers a strong yet flexible night guard that is resistant to fractures, abrasion, and staining. KeySplint™ night guards are an excellent option for patients suffering from bruxism due to their effectiveness and comfortability.

Traditional Hard

When your patient suffers from severe nighttime bruxism and is unable to use alternative, softer night guards, our traditional hard solution is the answer. Crafted out of a sturdy acrylic, these night guards will securely fit over your patient’s teeth. While they are not as comfortable as alternative night guards, they are the ideal option for patients who may break or quickly wear through a softer night guard due to the severity of their bruxism.

Dual Laminate Night Guard

For patients who are mild to moderate bruxers, our combo hard/soft option is a great choice. Crafted with a hard outer layer of durable acrylic, these night guards will protect your patient’s teeth from wear. This solution also features a soft inner layer that will comfortably cushion their teeth.


Val-U-Dent offers several tiers of full denture to ensure your patient receives the best option that meets their expectations and budget. All our dentures are fabricated in-house at our Massachusetts-based laboratory by our expert removable technicians. You can be confident that every removable you prescribe from our team will be carefully crafted to offer exceptional results.


Our Standard series of dentures are crafted out of hand-packed acrylic with economy teeth. This denture option is excellent for patients needing a long-lasting prosthesis that fits into their budget. Like all our restorations, our Standard dentures are given the same level of care and attention to ensure your patient will highly satisfied with their new smile.


Our Premium series features a denture processed with the Ivocap Injection System from Ivoclar Vivadent. We utilize this process as it is considered widely to be the state-of-the-art method to fabricate removable prostheses. It compensates for shrinkage in the denture base during processing, which allows us to achieve a higher degree of fit for your patient. It also offers superior density and strength, which reduces the risk of breakage. In addition to the Ivocap Injection System, we also use premium denture teeth for increased, lifelike esthetics.

Premium Plus

Our Premium Plus series of dentures also utilizes the innovative Ivocap Injection System to ensure these dentures achieve the highest level of fit, density, and strength. These dentures also use premium denture teeth, which are the ideal option for high esthetics. Beyond high-quality fabrication and materials, our team increases the esthetics of our Premium Plus dentures through esthetic detailing, such as festooning, rugae, and stippling.

Digital Cast Partials

Our digital cast partials offer increased fit and comfort when compared to traditionally fabricated alternatives. We begin the process by printing a wax pattern based off your patient’s impressions. We then utilize high-quality metal alloys to cast the partial. We utilize the latest CAD/CAM equipment throughout the process to ensure the results are highly precise and perfectly match the impression we received. Our digital case partials can be easily combined with any type of attachments or clasped depending on your patient’s needs.

Our cast partials are exceptionally strong and durable, ensuring a long-lasting solution for any partially edentulous patient. We fabricate our cast partials to ensure a thin and lightweight result, which increases comfort and allows for a long wear-time.

Screw Retained Bridge

Our top-of-the-line screw-retained zirconia bridge provides the patient the closest possible experience to their natural dentition. The precision-crafted design and next-generation all-ceramic material ensures not just maximum performance and esthetics, but also a passive fit between the final prosthetic restoration and implants. The framework contains screw holes that can compensate for implants placed in a less-than-optimal position without having to use angled abutments.

Titanium Milled Bars

Created by a state-of-the-art scanning and milling process, these one-piece milled titanium alloy structures eliminate the potential for weakness that may be caused by soldering or laser welded joints. The result is a more durable, passive restoration with fewer procedures. The milled bars are available for implant overdentures, fixed-hybrid prosthesis and fixed bridgework that can be implant level or tissue level using transmucosal abutments.

Locator Attachments

These are one of the most popular implant overdenture attachments used today, providing dental practitioners with the best possible attachment choice for implant-retained bars. They feature a low height of abutment restoration, and their self-aligning properties make them easy for patients to use. They provide solid function and lip and esthetic support.


The All-on-4 treatment concept was developed by Nobel Biocare® to provide edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration using only four implants to support an immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis. The restorations offer stability, prosthetic flexibility and improved patient satisfaction.

Compatible Abutments

When price is a deciding factor in a case, our compatible abutments are an excellent option. This alternative solution to OEM still offers a comparable result and is backed by FDA 510(k) clearance. These compatible abutments are skillfully designed and crafted on the latest and most innovative equipment, which ensures an excellent fit and emergence profile.

Val-U-Dent’s compatible abutments are available for all major implant manufacturers, allowing you to use them for any implant case. We offer titanium, zirconia, and titanium gold hue abutments, so you can choose the best option for both your anterior and posterior cases.