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Val-U-Dent Dental Laboratory offers fast and easy file transfer to our team. You can directly submit your .STL files, case photos, DICOM files, shade match photos, and any other collaborative materials related to your case through the drag-and-drop uploader below.

DDX File Submission

This streamlined system automates the Rx procedure and allows for rapid and accurate designing and milling of your restorations according to your material choice and specifications.

DDX is an online case management tool that allows you to communicate with us more effectively and can be run through any standard internet browser. It works seamlessly with DentalWings, D4D and 3Shape, creating a “smart envelope” that packages and digitally transmits your complete case to our lab, instantly decreasing your staff time on the phone and enabling you to see more patients.

  • Efficiency. With a digital Rx form that requires all information for your lab, DDX improves your patient flow with better case consistency, reduced case entry mistakes and ultimately fewer remakes.
  • More time. Because DDX helps streamline interactions with our lab, you can spend more time focusing on patient care.
  • Profitability. DDX enables you and your staff to see more patients, which translates directly into increased revenue.

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