Digital Night Guards

The Val-U-Dent team uses the latest digital technology to CAD/CAM fabricate our night guards. Comfort, as well as durability, is a priority when it comes to nightguards. Due to our CAD/CAM abilities, we are able to ensure every night guard we offer will fit your patient perfectly, which reduces discomfort and increases the likelihood of them using them daily.

KeySplint™ Clear

Our KeySplint™ Clear night guards are fabricated out of the biocompatible KeySplint™ material from KeyPrint®. This bruxism solution is 3D-printed and ensures exceptional levels of precision for every case. The resin offers a strong yet flexible night guard that is resistant to fractures, abrasion, and staining. KeySplint™ night guards are an excellent option for patients suffering from bruxism due to their effectiveness and comfortability.

Traditional Hard

When your patient suffers from severe nighttime bruxism and is unable to use alternative, softer night guards, our traditional hard solution is the answer. Crafted out of a sturdy acrylic, these night guards will securely fit over your patient’s teeth. While they are not as comfortable as alternative night guards, they are the ideal option for patients who may break or quickly wear through a softer night guard due to the severity of their bruxism.

Dual Laminate Night Guard

For patients who are mild to moderate bruxers, our combo hard/soft option is a great choice. Crafted with a hard outer layer of durable acrylic, these night guards will protect your patient’s teeth from wear. This solution also features a soft inner layer that will comfortably cushion their teeth.